hydrotuning - hydrographic water transfer printing


    • hydrotuning
    • You can choose from a wide range of patterns
  • Tired of boring look of your car?

    Looking for something unique? Here's what you want, with hydrotuning you will be able to add some awesome style to your car.

  • We do amazing things!

    Restore your item back to showroom condition. We can transform the surface of almost any 3D object.

Hydrographics is a method of applying printed designs that can transform the surface of any 3D object. This water transfer imaging process can be applied to the surface of materials such as metals, wood plastic, stone, and ceramic, and decorate almost any item that can be submerged under water.

Right now it is becoming very popular to personalise alloy wheels, bumpers, grills, antenna and mirrors. Dashboards can be renewed with variety of wood designs and in the motorcycle world a little imagination can transform a bike. Choices of skulls, flames, animal prints or wood effects, alog with many other choices, can add that perfect personal touch to make your vehicle dtsnd out from any other. We can give a unique look to personal objects and a new lease of life to your favourite household articles.